Innovative business
and IT solutions

Our Offering

Our goal is to help make the development and implementation of IoE solutions faster, more secure and more flexible. Our product suite provides core OSS and data analytics features, can be integrated into an existing development trajectory or used to build one from scratch, and will speed up the development and implementation of IoE solutions, providing a secure, flexible and easy to manage environment for connected devices.

Our target markets

Everybody is talking about digital transformation and about the internet-of-everything (IoE). Many first generation solutions are being pioneered, usually in a very fragmented and isolated manner.
Some of the major concerns raised by all who dip their toes into the IoE waters are :

  • long time to market
  • difficult integration
  • lack of OSS solutions to effectively manage connected devices (authentication, service orchestration, security)
  • What to do with mountains of data becoming available regarding customer behaviour, device usage and performance

Kahwa aims to help system integrators and solution developers to speed up the development and implementation of Internet-of-Everything solutions.
Kahwa will also offer off-the-shelf solutions and applications of SME and end-customers

Who are we?

Kahwa has been created by a team of experts, who have extensive experience and expertise in

  • agile development
  • programme management, quality assurance and delivery
  • consulting (management, technical and operational)
  • implementation and integrating of business solutions

We are currently in the final stages of making our offering market ready – please come back soon to find out the latest!